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Creating America

The Early Republic : 1789-1800

Early Republic
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Launching a New Republic

Washington's Presidency

    At Federal Hall, on April 30,George Washington was *inagurated or sworn in, as president.The runner-up, John Adams from Massachusetts, was elected the vice-president. As the first president of our country,Washington faced a difficult task:He would be setting the standard for presidents yet to come.People argued about what what to refer to the president as. Some people, including John Adams,suggested that they call him "His Excellency" or "His Highness".People who were against monarchy disagreed on those titles because they suggested that he had the power of that of a king.finally the title "Mr. President" was agreed upon.
Setting up the courts
To create a court system in which people could be tried fairly,Congress passed the Federal Judiciary act of 1789.
This would give

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